Tuesday 22 November 2011

Elitist - Earth (Review)

Elitist's new EP released on the 25th of October 2011 including their new singer (same from their previous EP).

The EP features 7 tracks, 3 of those being instrumentals. And first impressions, it sounds like Elitist, so the style hasn't changed to something not recognizable, but there have been slight changes. The most obvious change is how the vocals have changed, the new vocalist which people have been responding to saying he doesn't really fit the band like the old one has altered his sound from their previous EP. The vocalist now has a more low but nice rasp scream, which just sounds real furious. So vocals have been a definite improvement, and the new fans should consider his vocals well suiting now to the band.

The guitars are still written what would be expected from Elitist with their technical yet melodic sound. Using as the guitarist mentioned in one of his videos using jazz scales in his writing, gives the songs an interesting feel to them. But the same thing is always present, which is some what difficult to describe, but the guitarist casually bending notes in between triplets and that. Though I think it sounds great, so no reason to complain, but noticeable in most of their songs. What I really like is how the two guitars are usually doing something quite different to each other, like as one is doing a few triplets and such, the other is playing so higher notes, giving quite a unique feel to the songs. This being well done in their instrumentals. The tone of the guitars is great and are made very clear and very focused in the songs, which is great in my opinion, since I really hate when guitar is drowned out. The drumming as always with the drummer is quite well done and really compliments the songs.

Overall this is a quite good EP, and the vocalist has improved well. I can see their full album should be quite good and interesting with their sort of writing.

Elitist - Earth          7.4/10


ShapeShiftNAND said...

Sounds good. At first, I thought it's some relaxing dubstep track... but no, I got assaulted with drums only. :P

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