Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Resist The Thought - Extermination Music Video

Australian Sydney band "Resist The Thought" have released a new music video "Extermination" for their upcoming album "Sovereignty" beng released on the 18th of May. This album was recorded after thier tour with "All Shall Perish", which they got the lead singer of "Eddie" to do guest vocals of one of the tracks.

Resist The Thought - Extermination

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I The Mighty - Karma Never Sleeps (Review)

The new and first release from "I The Mighty" which are also newly signed to Invogue Records, "Karma Never Sleeps".

This is a nice change of albums to see from these newer record labels, as they seem to attract the more usual metalcore that doesn't have to much variation. Though "I The Mighty" is a good catch and a nice refreshment on the usual new bands I have been seeing.

"I The Mighty" aren't, and probably not even considered "metalcore" or any form of "core", just a nice alternative band with some light screams here and there.

First of all the most capturing aspect of this release is the lyrics. The lyrics are just so in depth and relateable in some aspect it acts as a good form of reflection, something I don't think you get to say to often anymore with music. As heard in "The Dreamer", a song about a person that to shy to admit his love and so rather dream about it, not releasing that the one he loves, feels the same, but as he just leaves himself in his dreams, he is missing out on what can be. The lyrics are just captivating, and the other songs feature that sort of lyrics which are reflections of how people are. Kind of gives you an idea about how people are.

The writing of these songs come well along with the consideration of the lyrics. The style is quite melodic with quite a bit of use of clean guitar and smooth chord progression. Though the songs do reach a sort of "heavy" point, nothing like a breakdown or anything but, just how the chords are used with a touch of blemishes or so.

The songs aren't too technical, though not simple as they are obviously quite well written and not just a few chords with cleans over it. Drums are nice and keep a great beat to the songs, completely suiting the style. What I quite like seeing is how the bass is being used in this band, it is defined from the gutiar and sometimes independent of the guitar, really make it, it's own instrument, which is nice to see rather than the usual just do the root notes of the gutiar's part.

Overall it is a great album and a nice refreshment to the usual that has been coming up lately. Maybe some bands can create such lyrics as well. Cleans are great, smooth and great to sing along, instruments are well defined and mixed well, a well done album in quality and structure.

I The Mighty - Karma Never Sleeps               8.2/10

1. The Dreamer
2. Dancing On A Tightrope
3. Cutting Room Floor
4. The Frame III: Sirocco
5. These Streets Are Alive
6. Escalators

Note how you literally cannot see the dislike bar. (if you got on the youtube page).

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Make Them Suffer Releases First Video

Prior to Make Them Suffer being signed to Roadrunner Records, the band had made a teaser trailer for their new and first music video "Neverbloom". Though now the new music video is released, and to say it is pretty up there with quality. The mixing is better in my opinion, having a larger take on the guitar rather than the keys like in their EP, which I am really glad for since I felt that though it was good, I didn't really like how I would really only notice the guitaars till the breakdown, but now, they got it right in my opinion.

Also with their new album they have also gotten a new keyboardist that now can do vocals, though the album is said to only have very little of her singing involved, though I believe it works well with the style though, but some already displayed their dislike towards the female keyboardist's vocals.

The breakdown is hectic and the drums and guitar have great tone, a real step up and working well for them, with their new album being released on the 25 of May.

A new gutiarist, and keyboardist seemed to turn out well for the band.