Tuesday 19 July 2011

Suicide Silence - Black Crown

Just as the new Chelsea Grin album My Damnation is out, so is the release of Black Crown by Suicide Silence. As both albums fit in the same sort of genre of metal, fans are comparing the two. So far what I have seen is that a lot more people are favouring the new Chelsea Grin album over Black Crown, I have yet to receive my orders of the albums to write my own personal review of the two albums. One thing I have heard being discussed is that Black Crown actually has a part with clean vocals which some people dislike. But Chelsea Grin seems to have adopted the same sound. Which I assume people are actually mentioning the sort of clean to scream sound bands seem to do now.

But till I get my orders, I will assume both albums are good.


gimpel said...

Maybe ill buy them too , just heard some songs of the new albums and they are really great!

Avery said...

brutal! i have some friends who really like this band haha

Francis Caron said...

I'm always in search of a good band like that to work! It helps me focus on my things!

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