Friday, 14 October 2011

Betraying The Martyrs - Breathe In Life (Review)

Betraying The Martyr is a quite new band, they are a France band which I discovered when they were hardly known by another band member I knew. This was one they were just showing 2 songs off their new album "Breathe In Life". Soon before the album released, they were singed to Summerian Records. With a new singer which is British the band has progressed quite fast. The band are all Christians and so write accordingly, though they put great meaning into the songs.

The band is placed in a somewhat interesting genre of deathcore/post-hardcore. Mainly due to the fact the band features some quite deathcore like vocals while still having clean vocals and guitars to match the vocal combination.

The songs are written quite well, and the songs tend to be quite technical, though the mixing of the album has the guitar some what drowned out, and you kind of miss when the guitar does something lead like, as in the music video below, when the guitarist is doing his little solo and sweeps, it is hardly heard. Though the songs are still good in my opinion, I just personally would of wanted the guitars to be emphasized.
The screams though are quite well done, they are super low and have this sort of consistent rasp to it, which sounds great. The cleans are also quite good, but are done by the keyboardist not the singer.

The songs are quite nice, and the addition of a clean only song "azelee" was quite nice. The songs boost meaningful lyrics and are quite nicely done with the combination of heavy screams and clean vocals.

Betraying The Martyr - Breathe In Life                   7.7/10

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Weekly Music Video - Caves By Elitist

Lately I haven't been able to to much with the blog, as for now I am learning coding languages like html, php, css etc and how to work with servers and domains, I have yet to actually purchase some web hosting. I will hopefully be releasing another site (actually properly designed and all scripted by me) early January, hopefully earlier, but knowing the amount of information I will have to take in and design, most likely half way into next year. Though I believe it is a good idea. Still have other domains to purchases.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Plot In You - First Born

"The Plot In You" is a relatively new band that has been recently signed to Rise Records and released a new album "First Born", being their second published release. The band tends to lean on topics of family and relationships, but in a way which most bands do not address, like the topics of domestic abuse and miscarriages, though maybe unsettling for some, the songs have good meaning and are unique lyrically.

The style of the writing of the songs are clearly metalcore. The screams are quite constant style wise, though cleans are used and used quite well in the album, complimenting the songs well while making the meaning of the songs a bit more clearer to understand.

One thing which is pretty ordinary in metalcore bands are the "breakdowns", though I felt the breakdown in "Small Face" was just a great, a real nice breakdown, also the "breakdown" in "Rat Poison" was not to bad either.

Guitar writing in this album is not to technical, but has a really nice tone and used well, though more melodic than technical. But this is done well, the drumming is done quite well, but nothing to out there.

The Plot In You - First Born              7.3/10