Saturday 6 August 2011

Rise Records Update

Recently Rise Records, the label to such bands as Miss May I and Sleeping With Sirens, has released the full new Dream On Dreamer album on youtube.
The album is set to be released on 6th of August.

Dream On Dreamer Playlist

There is the youtube link which Rise Records posted.

This band follows the sort of bands which Rise Records tend to support, this sort of metalcore and synth bands. I still would say Rise Record's best band is Miss May I.

For What You Believe In

To The Lost


SillyPhotoStorys said...

Never heard these songs before, but i like em :D

Diego Sousa said...

i liked the cover art

Jack said...

awesome stuff

Thomas Duder, Author of the Things said...

Indeed, the cover art and the technical skill of the musicians themselves are pretty high quality, m'man!

Are they consistently this good?

thetruthaboutGENETICS said...

Great music, Sketchars!

Unknown said...

Nice music loving it!

Anonymous said...

Loving that songs.

They look very good musicians.

Put up some more.

Siveon said...

Alway looking for new songs, thks for the hint!

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