Friday, 15 June 2012

New Music Video and Album From Miss May I

Miss May I have released their new album "At Heart" on the 12th of June, along with a new music video "Hey Mister". Though as much as I support Miss May I, I haven't heard the new album as I have ordered it and I am waiting to relieve it in the mail.

Though I am liking the new sound, though of course fans are arguing it sounds nothing like "Apologies are for the weak", though this still has the Miss May I sound I like and thew band has improved quite a bit.

Though of course a review should be done for this album, though of course till I receive it.

New For The Fallen Dreams Album Song

For The Fallen Dreams are releasing a new album and have recently shown one of their new songs called "Hollow" from the new album "Wasted Youth".

Though produced by the same man as from their last album, the sound is quite different, though I am not sure if it sounds better, oddly it seems the production is a bit worse than their previous album, though not sure till the whole album is released.