Tuesday 27 September 2011

Veil Of Maya - id (review)

Veil Of Maya are a metalcore band from Illinois America and currently signed to Summerian records. The band has been around for quite some time since 2004, and has released 3 albums and a demo. Though the band is not to well known and seem to start getting popular, I was under the impression that they only had 2 albums. The album is based on the theory of the brain "id" and actually has some interesting and yet not so noticeable references in thier songs. The song "Dark Passenger" is actually about Dexter the tv series, "Namaste" features a breakdown based on the numbers from the ABC TV show Lost, '4 8 15 16 23 42', and "The Higler" is a song about thier previous bass player who did their 2 previous albums.

Music wise the band has their own unique sounds and image. Their have quite a technical style, but still have some nice elements of melody, this is also seen in their previous album. The guitar style is some what hectic but sounds well how they did it, a sort of progressive metal style.

The album is quite well done, but how it is mixed is not how I like it, the tone of the guitar feels a bit to dull, and personally vocals are some what hard to understand, but the album is good! Just those things I do not like, but hey that makes then something different and not drowned into the generic sort of metal band.

The songs are quite nice and I give them the occasional listen as they are quite a unique band and style of metalcore.

Veil Of Maya - id                               7/10

Thursday 22 September 2011

Music Video Of The Week

A new segment I want to include now is "Music Video Of  The Week". As there is always an interesting music video around but I don't just want to throw random videos as posts.

This week is "The Plot In You" music video for "Wife Beater", the title making it very clear of the topic of this song. The music video is quite surprising though.

Also a review of their new album shall be done soon.

Monday 19 September 2011

Born Of Osiris - A Higher Place

Born of Osiris is a relatively old band but some what new to the popular music scene. The band has been labelled as progressive death metal, technical death metal, and of course deathcore. Though deathcore is a some what inaccurate description of the band as their songs tend not to have parts resembling a breakdown or anything too associated with deathcore.

 The band does have a quite unique style of writing and is quite technical, also using less usual scales than other bands. Plus the interesting use of the guitar which seems some what random but spontaneous. As will be quite clear what I am referencing to if you listen to anything of theirs. The vocals are interesting as the sound more gargle like than the usual vocals I tend to be use to. There are no clean vocals in this album, but even from the gargle like vocals, the lyrics are understandable. Drums in this album are intense though with a real nice beat and keeping the tracks very heavy which I quite like.

The songs are quite distinguishable between each other due to the unique guitar work done in each song so they don't sound all the same which I tend to feel with some death metal bands. The band also includes key which is feels to be used only a small amount in songs, but gives the desired feel to the songs with the additional symphonic feel.

Born Of Osiris - A Higher Place                    7.3/10

Now Arise

Friday 16 September 2011

For The Fallen Dream - Back Burner

For The Fallen Dreams are a band from Charlotte Michigan USA and have already released 3 full length albums, but I believe they just recently signed with Rise Records, which led them to release a music video for "The Big Empty", and doing their first Australian Tour in 3 years. Luckily I got too see them live and actually talk with them a little and get their signatures, and happy I was. Since I first saw them, their popularity has literally doubled on facebook and still growing, which this hard working band deserves, as not only do they make good music, they are great guys.

Back Burner being their third studio album (with their 3 self released EPs, and previous 2 studio albums) which has gotten the most well known and popular of all their work, though I have yet to listen to all their previous work.

Back Burner is quite a metalcore album but does have elements of melodic hardcore, which is a nice slight difference for me. The songs include both clean and screaming vocals, screaming with not much variation, but suits the songs well. The songs tend to seem to have a sort of life struggles and relationship theme, which is executed quite well, and actually quite motivational. So lyrically it is very nice, and I suits the songs perfectly.

Guitars are done very well along with drums, the way the guitars have been mixed allows the bass to be heard and compliment the guitars and the drums bring great rhythm to the songs. The songs are completely that technical, more melodic as the fit the genre, but well written and sounds really nice.

Overall the album is a great album which after a month, I still listen to it. The songs are great and motivational, clean vocals are great, guitars are well written, mixing is done well. It is just a really nice album and I would recommend checknig them out and hopefully see them live.

For The Fallen Dreams - Back Burner 8.2/10

The Big Empty

Wednesday 14 September 2011

The Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne (review)

Just released is "The Devil Wears Prada"'s new full album is "Dead Throne". Being released on the 13th of September and already proving to be very popular. Though their album was leaked a week before the release, it still proved to be one of the most bought item on merchnow during the time you were able to purchase the pre-order.

As said by the lead vocalist of the band, Dead Throne is supposed to be a more heavier album than their previous as they felt they weren't as heavy as they though they were once stated in an interview with the band. They also mentioned that it would be heavier than Zombie EP. The album though is quite a bit heavier than their previous albums but still has a nice element of melody to it.

This album is also (lke the Zombie EP), is recorded with actual mic'ing of the amps and such and not direct input like thier previous albums, so the sound is more real and actually quite nice.

The songs themselves do involve more screaming and more heavier screamings than their previous album though done quite well. The first song sounds quite to the style of Zombie EP with the fading of the guitar, but than the rest of the album appears to be slightly different and sound more of something new the band has made. The guitars are more heavier, but not anymore technical as their previous albums, but in this album, they appear to be more well written and actually sound really nice and compliments the other instruments. Clean vocals are quite nice in this album, and in my opinion the best so far so they are quite enjoyable.

The songs to vary so it is not the constant same thing coming at you, like kansas is a more slower song than the other. In this album it also appears to be less clean vocals as their was before. I personally think the addition which made this album come off so well was having Adam (guitarist from Killswitch Engage whom owns his own studio) doing the recordings and mixing with actually using mic'ing instead of direct input.

The Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne 7.8/10


Tuesday 13 September 2011

The Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne Release

Just now the new album from The Devil Wears Prada, Dead Throne is released and sure to do well with the large amount of preorders done. I myself have also ordered a pre-order and will be receiving the album and shirts.

Tour dates for the album and a small preview of the album are available on the Dead Throne album website.


A review of the album will soon be done.

Monday 12 September 2011

Betraying The Martyrs Leaked

Betraying The Martyrs's new album "Breathe In Life" set to be released on the 20th of September has been leaked. Causing some distress in the band, especially on their facebook page. News quickly hit Betraying The Martyr about their leaked album causing them to post a bit of anti-piracy statuses and videos to in a way morally persuade people not to pirate the album. Though it appears not to be that effective as it is now well spread amongst many file storage websites. Whom actually leaked it is unknown, but a few music blogs were album to find it and spread it.

Monday 5 September 2011

Suicide Silence - You Only Live Once (Music Video)

Kind of late with this, but Suicide Silence released a new music video for their album "Black Crown". Even though the album is some what disliked by old fans, I still consider it a good album and the music video is just, serious and brutal with a touch of humour.

First watching this I was surprised, especially when the first shot is made, as it seemed some what realistic till you see that is the theme of the video. Though I quite like this video and glad that they made something quite unique.

Betraying The Martyrs - Mad Made Disaster (Music Video)

Recently the French Deathcore/Post-Hardcore band Betraying the Martyr have released their music video for "Breathe In Life", their up coming album. The music video is basically I performance of theirs, no additional actors or anything of the sort.

The music video is quite well done and works really well for the song. I still can't understand how the lead singer is able to pull off those vocals. Quite a nice song as well, so I will probably will be purchasing a pre-order.

Thursday 1 September 2011

For The Fallen Dreams Live Show Review

Lucky I have been able to witness a live show from For The Fallen Dreams, Sienna Skies, Hand Of Mercy, Make Them Suffer and Saviour. For The Fallen Dreams is a Rise Records band which currently has 3 released albums and one music video to their song Big Empty. Though I was surprised they were doing a small show and didn't have many facebook likes, so I assume it must of taken a while to get recognised, but I hope they grow fast from here as their are a great band to listen to and a great band to see.

And what I greatly appreciate is the signed shirt I got (except the bass player as he was adsent from this tour) and the picture I got with the singer and guitarist (the second from the left and the guy in the middle). But besides the niceness of the band, the live show was great, the singer's screams are nice, sounded great, and what surprised me, that his clean vocals actually came up well even in this venue, so it was quite an enjoyable live show.

Strangely even though I have seen bands far bigger than For The Fallen Dreams, I would have to say I was most excited about meeting this band than the others, mainly as the larger bands you do not actually get to meet and say "hi".