Monday 12 September 2011

Betraying The Martyrs Leaked

Betraying The Martyrs's new album "Breathe In Life" set to be released on the 20th of September has been leaked. Causing some distress in the band, especially on their facebook page. News quickly hit Betraying The Martyr about their leaked album causing them to post a bit of anti-piracy statuses and videos to in a way morally persuade people not to pirate the album. Though it appears not to be that effective as it is now well spread amongst many file storage websites. Whom actually leaked it is unknown, but a few music blogs were album to find it and spread it.


Talerfuchs said...

Betraying The Martyrs is one of my favorite bands. I am waiting for Breathe in Life.
Even if there going after Metallica with their anti piratism campaign.

Mark said...

It's a shame this happened, hope they figure out who did it, but I don't think the people were about to stop pirating. Just because they pirated it now doesn't mean they won't buy it as well when it actually comes out too.

wolvz said...

it's always hard to control this kind of situations, but i understand their part. they want to make money from their record... it's reasonable.

Thomas Duder, Author of the Things said...

AWESOME, gotta love them leaks~!

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