Monday 5 September 2011

Betraying The Martyrs - Mad Made Disaster (Music Video)

Recently the French Deathcore/Post-Hardcore band Betraying the Martyr have released their music video for "Breathe In Life", their up coming album. The music video is basically I performance of theirs, no additional actors or anything of the sort.

The music video is quite well done and works really well for the song. I still can't understand how the lead singer is able to pull off those vocals. Quite a nice song as well, so I will probably will be purchasing a pre-order.


paulz said...

I like it XD

Viitoebe said...

The sencond song is awesome, but the fiirst. omg

Joana Galhardo said...

so so good :D

wolvz said...

awesome music video!

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