Thursday 1 September 2011

For The Fallen Dreams Live Show Review

Lucky I have been able to witness a live show from For The Fallen Dreams, Sienna Skies, Hand Of Mercy, Make Them Suffer and Saviour. For The Fallen Dreams is a Rise Records band which currently has 3 released albums and one music video to their song Big Empty. Though I was surprised they were doing a small show and didn't have many facebook likes, so I assume it must of taken a while to get recognised, but I hope they grow fast from here as their are a great band to listen to and a great band to see.

And what I greatly appreciate is the signed shirt I got (except the bass player as he was adsent from this tour) and the picture I got with the singer and guitarist (the second from the left and the guy in the middle). But besides the niceness of the band, the live show was great, the singer's screams are nice, sounded great, and what surprised me, that his clean vocals actually came up well even in this venue, so it was quite an enjoyable live show.

Strangely even though I have seen bands far bigger than For The Fallen Dreams, I would have to say I was most excited about meeting this band than the others, mainly as the larger bands you do not actually get to meet and say "hi".



Michael Westside said...

sounds good man. real good

Mark said...

The shirts probably worth more without the bass players signature on it lol. It's good you got that shirt though, and saw a good show :)

Unknown said...

Really cool.

Do it yourself Gadgets said...

They'll probably get pretty famous - strong music !

pownyhof said...

Great Guys ! really nice blog, followed !

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