Sunday, 31 July 2011


I have yet to receive my preorder of My Damnation, Conviction, Monument preorder bundles and still will have around another 2 weeks to go, all because on of the orders turns out to be a month later than everything else. I have been incredibly eager to review and listen to My Damnation and it is getting quite annoying waiting. Also I haven't slept this past 48 hours and having trouble thinking and focusing on the screen, so no review today unfortunately. But I will update the blog tomorrow. Thanks you to all those that follow me and comment.

Reviews to be done
Within Ruins

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bring Me The Horizon - There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret (Review)

Bring Me The Horizon's latest addition being There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret. Bring Me The Horizon is probably famous for being the most recognised deathcore band with their singer Oli Sykes, being famous for his "scene" style back in the day (he doesn't adopt that look anymore to my knowledge). But now their albums have progressed from deathcore to metalcore and that being a good thing or not is left to their fans. Personally I still quite like Count Your Blessings but this album is quite neat on its own. Everything seems less heavy but more coordinated. The mixing is better and the general quality of the sound is better. Now they also using some synth and also features another artist for a female vocal position (lights). The album like I said sounds less heavy and probably now suits the usual kind of people who enjoy metal. Still all screams but the screams have changed to a more hardcore than metal sort of scream, this is not what I like, but his sort of scream isn't to bad so I am not hating on it. As since their old guitarist left, replaced by an Australian guitarist from I Killed The Prom Queen, the songs seem less technical, but they have become more melodic and have a real nice sound to them. Lyrics in this album seem more personal to Oli and actually have meaning with the many references to Christianity now in the album, I wouldn't say that the band now endorses religion, but more that it sounded nice and emotive in the songs, a turn from their usual lyrics of dark sounding songs/partying. The drummer has progressed and has improved as well which is quite nice. So the style has changed greatly but still has that Bring Me The Horizon flare to it.I have seen Bring Me The Horizon play live a month or so before this release, and they do bring a good show, playing all my favourites like Pray For Plagues they sure get the crowd going and getting them really into it. Also Oli jumped into the crowd and I was able to grab him. Well to say I really enjoyed their show, was a great band to see.

Bring Me The Horizon - There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret     7.8/10

Pray For Plagues (The music video that got them very popular)

It Never Ends (Music video release before the album)

Pray For Plagues (The music video that started it all for them)

Friday, 29 July 2011

Make Them Suffer - Lord Of Woe EP (Review)

Make Them Suffer is an Australian based band with so far only one release being the their Lord Of Woe EP. The band has been labelled as symphonic deathmetal, deathcore, black metal, but I would say it is quite a mix of all of them, this interesting mix makes this band quite diverse and unique, already making this band interesting. The band uses quite a bit of symphonic sounds of piano and a bit of orchestration, giving their songs a real unique feel, especially the fact that this is being played a long a heavy 7 string guitar which at times is also doing breakdowns. So already you must review this band in a completely different aspect. The vocals is all screaming ranging from quite a few different types of screams. The guitar is quite heavy and fast, tremolo picking is used along with breakdowns played with the piano and orchestration. The lyrics are mainly around the idea of destruction but not completely sure on what, but that is more on my interpretation on it, but the lyrics are grim and heavy which is just great. For their first EP they took it quite seriously, getting it well mixed and well published looking quite appealing and sounding really clear. One thing I forgot to mention is the awesome drumming done in these songs, great blast beats and really fast pasted. I have seen Make Them Suffer play live several times and the drummer puts so much effort into making that sounds so great, plus the band themselves have great stage presence keeping everything heavy, and off stage great guys to chat to. I would really recommend going on their facebook and liking them and checking out their songs, they are a great band and deserve recognition. Plus they get sick tee shirts to make owning their merch all worth wild.

Make Them Suffer - Lord Of Woe EP      8.2/10

Weeping Wastelands (personal favourite)

Lord Of Woe

Weeping Wastelands LIVE

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Resist The Thought - Damnation (review)

Resist The Thought is an Australian metalcore band from Sydney, so they are still a small band, but I have had the pleasure of seeing them live. This band only uses screams so it keeps the sound heavy. The guitar work in this band is really neat, with the use of tremolo picking and melodic riffs make the guitar a real pleasure to here. The drumming is also nicely put together with the great technique used of the drummer. The vocals are quite heavy and change from different types and are quite heavy and brutal, but also clear, so it is also a nice listen. The album doesn't seem to technical, but written to a intermediate ability. Unfortunately this band is not as big as it should be, so I would really suggest you taking a look at their facebook, check out their songs. These small bands are filled with great people writing great music, it just takes time for them to get recognised really. They also lately released a music video, which not only is a really well made song, but a really well made video, and is just neat to watch anyway.

Resist The Thought - Damnation      8/10

Resurrect The Reaper

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Whitechapel - New Era Of Corruption (Review)

The latest addition to Whitechapel's albums is New Era Of Corruption. Whitechapel is labelled as a deathcore band and probably fit in it well. The album was said to be a change from their older album as said in a previous album by their guitarist in an interview on one of their tours. Yet even though the guitarist does say that, I felt that that the new album seemed quite similar and not as good I guess, it still is a good album, but I would debate if it is actually an improvement upon there new album. This Is Exile still feels to me to be their best album. Though some things have changed in their new album, and the songs have a different feel to them though, so don't get the idea I am slandering this album, it is still quite good, my personal favourite track being "Breeding Violence". It's just the guitarist did say "less all breakdowns", but the use of breakdowns seems quite the usual as the other albums, but I guess he meant that in a different aspect. Though they still kept their eerie feel to there songs which I still quite like. The album seems to go a bit slower than their previous album and has more riffing sort of styling. Lyrics seem to continue with the dislike of humanity (as how I see it at least).

Whitechapel - New Era Of Corruption - 7.2/10


Possesion from their previous album, and my favourite song.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast (Review)

Heaven Shall Burn are a German death metal band, but upon the recent finding of deathcore, it has also registered that label as well, but the album itself is labelled as melodic death metal, death metal and metalcore. First thing the term "Heaven Shall Burn" has no intention to be anti-christian, but as a reference to a divine place (like when someone says "this is heaven!", it isn't "heaven" but something they like, understand?). This album was released in 2008, with their new album "Invictus" being released in 2010 which I will possibly review as well. Recently I have started listening to their albums, and even I personally will always like Heaven Shall Burn, the use of those great vocals the singers has with the heaviness of guitars is just superb, you hardly ever see a actual "heavy" band, the use of the guitars is superb, I wouldn't say technical, but is used in such a way that it pulls off the vocals well. The drums in this album is also great with such use of the double peddle the songs get a really nice fast pace, unlike some bands the drummer can not put as much consistency with double peddles that I like. But not just are they heavy, the also include melodic parts in their songs, which also go quite smoothly in their songs. This is also their fifth album that they have produced, and it appears I still have 2 songs I haven't listened to. Lyrics relate of unifying for justice, and are quite well written in my opinion. This would be one of the few bands I would recommend to people if they wanted to get into this sort of music.

Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast   8/10


Black Tears

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Black Metal and Thanks!

So lately I have seen a (symphonic) black metal video, but I am not the sort to enjoy this sort of metal, but this video was an exception. The video is a music video for Carach Angren, a black metal band which supports the use of corpse paint (the black and white face paint). The song is actually alright and well mixed so I would give it a far go and listen to it, turns out it is alright. The video is some what funny though, the way it is put together and especially the drummer's face, it is hard to tell if this video is really serious or not. But I am pretty sure it is meant to be serious.

Carach Angren - The Sighting is a Portent of Doom

Also this post is a thank you to all the followers and people helping to grow this blog, progressing it so fast, so thank you all. If you want any reviews or opinions, don't mind leaving a comment asking.

Plans To Edit Theme

I have recently attempted to change the theme of this blog to something more respectable, unfortunately nothing really seems to interest me besides this theme that blogger gives out. But I have yet to find one, or at least I will change this one to keep the aspects I quite like about it. Just an update on the blog's progress.

The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie EP

Released in August 24, 2010 by The Devil Wears Prada and Ferret Music, comes a zombie inspired EP. The album appears to be a small project that the band felt like compiling, but I am not sure why they didn't just record a full album. Surprisingly I have not been aware of this EP for sometime. The EP consist of the usual screams and clean vocals used as in their previous albums, the keys are still in play and give a nice feel to the album with it's addition in parts to make them seem more interesting. Obviously the lyrics are written around the topic of "zombies" which each song on the album contain some reference of the few aspects of "zombies", such as "outnumbered", "anatomy", "escape". So the way the album is put together makes it, itself quite interesting and in some what informative if you understand the lyrics. Like some would agree that something like this should be used in "nazi zombies" as no one really makes "zombie" orientated songs, or at least in this sort of genre which suits the whole action of the game with the heaviness of the music. Overall the EP is quite nice and enjoyable but just seems short, but that is just from the fact it is an EP. It feels though that the band isn't really putting anything much new in this EP, so I guess their next album will actually be something new and this was something more of continuing from their previous work.

The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie EP 7.3/10

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Asking Alexandria - Reckless And Relentless (Review)

This is not so new album which was released in April (thought I may as well discuss it). Asking Alexandria have been famous for combining the use of metalcore music with european trance, together making a nice melodic and some what catchy songs. After rising to popularity incredibly fast from their previous album, this album still includes the use of the european trance. The songs are written to an almost novice style, not very complicated, but they are quite melodic and just sound nice with the nice mixing they have used to produce this album. They still feature clean vocals with screams getting a nice blend of heaviness and cleanness. The band has also adopted a more "hair metal" look to relate to the party induced music, rather than there more "emo" appearance in "Stand Up And Scream". So personally the more simplistic songs are a down side but they do give a nice melodic tune to listen to. Their new album (depending on what edition you got) also includes mixed tracks of their songs. The lyrics are mostly based around the theme of partying but also feel to have a more in depth theme to them, so the lyrics shouldn't be to discouraged.

Asking Alexandria - Reckless And Relentless: 7/10

                                         To The Stage:


                         The Final Episode (Off their previous album "Stand Up And Scream",                            and essentially made them popular)

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Air I Breathe - Great Faith In Fools

The newly signed to rise records band "The Air I Breathe" have recently released their first album "Great Faith In Fools". This new growing band has been labelled as "metalcore". The band features screams with clean vocals and very technical written songs. The guitarists in this band use the technique of sweeps nearly in all their song (guitarists will understand, aka it is difficult). As with being "metalcore" the band features breakdowns. The thing I don't like is that with this sort of style there isn't much difference in the screams. And the mixing of the songs do not sound incredibly great as other bands (though I am comparing bands that have released their second album) and because of this I feel it lets down the incredibly respect writing of the songs. When the sweeps are done they feel they do not have enough emphasis in the track to really be noticed. But the songs are incredibly technical, they are heavy and sound really bright. They are also new to this so time will tell if they mold into a really creative band, I just hope they never drop their writing style. So how I see it, great band with good songs, but needs better mixing to bring out the technical writing of the guitar and vocals.

The Air I Breathe - Great Faith In Fools      7.5/10

Take This To Heart. A good example of their style.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Troubles Of Creating A Website (Personal Ideas)

Was always curious about the amount of effort needed to create a website. Such as the hosting and the domains you would need. Since of course you need a suitable domain name with your website, but it feels like every good name has been taken. And also what what need to use for hosting and domains, like do you use godaddy, yahoo domains, yahoo hosting or one of those free domains and hosting, but how does that affect your progress of your website? Since apparently there will be a new thing like ".com" as so many sites are already made. But that will be the interesting part. Also what happens if you made a site without ".com" for example "" or ".cz" or the free one "". I always wanted to make a user based community but the idea for one always gets taken. but I guess I will see. Also there has to be a way of keeping the site running so costs will be a problem as well, so you will need revenue, which means do you use adsense? Or advertisers contacting you. Then servers you must account for and the amount of uploaded content. And I still haven't mentioned scripting of the website. So many things to consider yet I don't see how someone can so easily start. But maybe when I am older and get an idea I will start something. Till then.

The Crimson Armada - Conviction (Review)

The newly released album "Conviction", released 19th of June. This album is the second album which Crimson Armada has released and including their new drummer and guitarist (from Sleeping With Sirens), long await from their state of hiatus. The new album was quite exciting for me as I recently heard their previous album and really enjoyed it. Their previous album was labelled "deathcore" which I enjoyed with the interesting and technical writing of the guitarist, but news of the changed guitarist worried me, and I was right. As I would of thought as I know the writing style of their new guitarist, I knew that the technical writing which I loved will be gone with a more melodic than technical style. The new album now uses clean vocals and a far different sound from their new recordings. A lot has changed since the band was in hiatus, but that will be the listeners choice to think if it was a good choice or not. Personally the change in style was some what disappointing, but listening to their song "Call To Arms" before the hearing anything of theirs, I actually thought it sounded really neat, so I believe this is just me being all "I don't like change". So the recording quality has improved, the band is touring again, pre-order bundles were available and the style has changed. One thing that hasn't changed were the references to god in the writing in the lyrics, which I still quite like.
The Crimson Armada - Conviction 7.5/10

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sleeping With Sirens - Lets Cheer To This (Review)

The second album to ever growing popular band Sleeping With Sirens is Lets Cheer To This. The album continues featuring a post-hardcore based style with the continued use of the singer's really high vocals. Personally I only like two post-hardcore bands as I am more for the heavier things, Sleeping With Sirens is one of those bands. The album is personal and emotionally provoking, with clear vocals and nicely written songs I would believe this album is a great successor to their previous album. The album still includes the vocals (Kellin Quin) doing screams, which personally I am quite happy they didn't take that away, as some people may detest to them as it is "different", but it gives it it's heaviness which I really want to see in bands.

Sleeping With Sirens - Lets Cheer To This - 8/10
Great album!

Miss May I - Monument (Re-release)

A bit late. Miss May I has released their monument album again but with an addition 4 new songs with music videos and behind stage footage. Unfortunantly for me I pre-ordered this with my pre-order of Chelsea Grin which means I have to wait a month longer to get it. The album seems promising and with the neat shirt it comes with, seem like a good deal.

With Miss May I's releases appearing a year after each other, one may think that the new album will be soon released and might contain the 4 new songs as well. With this I assume the album will be publicly know by November, which then, I will listen to as well.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Suicide Silence - Black Crown

Just as the new Chelsea Grin album My Damnation is out, so is the release of Black Crown by Suicide Silence. As both albums fit in the same sort of genre of metal, fans are comparing the two. So far what I have seen is that a lot more people are favouring the new Chelsea Grin album over Black Crown, I have yet to receive my orders of the albums to write my own personal review of the two albums. One thing I have heard being discussed is that Black Crown actually has a part with clean vocals which some people dislike. But Chelsea Grin seems to have adopted the same sound. Which I assume people are actually mentioning the sort of clean to scream sound bands seem to do now.

But till I get my orders, I will assume both albums are good.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Chelsea Grin - My Damnation

The new Chelsea Grin album is out now. I got my digital download from my pre-order, but I would rather wait and get my hardcopy CD to listen to. As I am the sort to prefer CDs to mp3s as there is a noticeable difference in quality.

 But the new album looks promising even after only hearing one song which I did do a cover of. It seems with the new album they are introducing solos now, which work the same as their sweeps to give an interesting eerie feel to their songs.
So this will be my first project and first actual post on my blog.
So first of all I need to get a hold of some spare legs which I can cut to fit the chaos space marine on the juggernaut. Seems easy enough, just getting the legs might be a problem. And what will I do with the chaos lord that came with the juggernaut? I guess I will have to pin the juggernaut so that I can switch between the two different characters. It will be neat to make a lord for each mark, but than again I will never use slaneesh or tzeentch lords.
So I wonder how this will work, still need to compile some work worthy of posting.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Seems pretty neat so far, some interesting features, and I thought blogger was for just posting stuff on the internet.

A beginning of a blog.

So well I will see how this goes, seems promising.