Thursday 21 July 2011

Troubles Of Creating A Website (Personal Ideas)

Was always curious about the amount of effort needed to create a website. Such as the hosting and the domains you would need. Since of course you need a suitable domain name with your website, but it feels like every good name has been taken. And also what what need to use for hosting and domains, like do you use godaddy, yahoo domains, yahoo hosting or one of those free domains and hosting, but how does that affect your progress of your website? Since apparently there will be a new thing like ".com" as so many sites are already made. But that will be the interesting part. Also what happens if you made a site without ".com" for example "" or ".cz" or the free one "". I always wanted to make a user based community but the idea for one always gets taken. but I guess I will see. Also there has to be a way of keeping the site running so costs will be a problem as well, so you will need revenue, which means do you use adsense? Or advertisers contacting you. Then servers you must account for and the amount of uploaded content. And I still haven't mentioned scripting of the website. So many things to consider yet I don't see how someone can so easily start. But maybe when I am older and get an idea I will start something. Till then.