Friday, 9 December 2011

All Shall Perish - This Is Where It Ends (Review + Live Show)

All Shall Perish is a deathcore band which has actually been around for quite some time, though have not gained a real great following, but loyal fan being formed in 2002. This Is Where It Ends is their fourth album.

Luckily after their release of their new music video "There Is Nothing Left", I soon found out their were having a tour in my city which I was able to attend, but more on that including photos after the review.

Since their latest album is the only album I have listened to, I do not know how much or how little they have changed, though impressions of the new album are good.

First impressions of the song "Divine Illusion" makes it quite clear that this band is deathcore with their use of breakdowns and vocals. Though sounding heavier than their song "There is Nothing Left" for their music video. "Divine Illusion" has some quite meaningful lyrics relating to Christianity, though not in the support of it.

The vocals in this album are probably the most understandable I have heard in a while, though staying raspy and heavy, what is being said is clear, making much nicer than having to find lyrics and matching what they are saying. Lyrics are pretty meaningful, relating to religion, politics, and bad qualities of people, maming quite interesting songs.

Guitar in the album is both melodic and technical, and actually quite well written in the album, not over doing the technical part and still keeping everything heavy, so aspects of the writing for the guitar was well moderated with their new guitarist. Drums in this album are great, really fast paced, technical and keep a great beat

All Shall Perish - This Is Where It Ends                  7.8/10

Live Show!
The live show was a tour with the band "Resist The Thought", this show including, "Savior" and "Paradise In Exile". All bands preformed really well giving a great live show. Though coming up to the sound check with All Shall Perish, it took around 30-40 minutes for them to set up due to complications with the audio system. Though the wait was well worth it, the tone of the guitars were clear and crisp, sounding great, and especially the drums sounding great and heavy, worth the time of preparation they did with the drums changing each piece before playing. Though unfortunately their set list wasn't really that long they still supplied a great show.

Other than audio complications the band also had problems with their flight coming in late, so they arrived just before they had to play from an eleven hour flight, so they were obviously tired, but eager to give a good show, which they did.

Lucky for me I was able to catch the show's drumstick, picture supplied below. I also was lucky enough to get a shirt signed and the drumstick after the show. The band being incredibly polite and quite funny.
I was able to talk to the singer of the band Herman (knows as "Eddie") about the meaning behind the lyrics of the album and his views on religion it self, this being quite the interesting conversation. Plus was able to talk to the bass player of the band about their new music video. After everything I was able to get a photo with the singer and had to leave, but a great show indeed it was.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Browning - Time Will Tell (Review)

Time Will Tell is an EP released by The Browning not to long ago, around 3-4 months with one music video for the song "Time Will Tell" with 29 thousand views. So relatively not the most popular band. Though I will give kudos for their interlacing of two genres, since you can't really find a band which does techno cross metal, it's either all techno, or all metal with synth sounds.

The Browning in my opinion did a better attempt and crossing techno with metal. Though improvements should be made, and hopefully will be made, as this is an EP and reception of the EP has been alright, though of course some hate has been towards this band from this sort of metal.

Though the EP is an alright listen, it isn't to special. The writing for the guitar needs to improve, as it just feels it's improv over the techno (for some songs). Though the song "Inner Mission" is a very nice song and the guitar is really nice in that. But for their general songs, the guitar should be a bit more creative with what is being played and I guess be more technical to help compliment the techno. If the band accomplishes a good unison with the guitar and techno, the album they will hopefully release would sound great, instead of two different things happening at the same time. Though we will see till then.

Vocals in this are alright, but tend to stay at the same mid pitch and do not change much. Though partly I dislike the mixing of the vocals in the songs, doesn't really give justice to the vocals. The techno tends to be a bit dominating. All this said, the tracks are not bad, but there is room for improvement.

Creating songs like this is a sure risk with how people react to it, and a band should be respected for at least trying something different. The EP itself is okay though and is a good listen and I recommend it if you are the sort to like synth.

The Browning - Time Will Tell              6/10

Monday, 5 December 2011

Music Video Of The Week - For All Those Sleeping: You Belong With Me (cover)

Today is a feature from "Punk Goes Pop" where mostly metalcore bands do a cover of mainstream radio music (generally pop), and put their own spin on it. So soon I will do a cover of Fearless Record's new "Pop Goes Puck Vol 4".

This song came to a surprise, and actually quite enjoyable as you can see how it is a Taylor Swift song, but made so much better.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Born Of Osiris - The Discovery (Review)

Born Of Osiris is an American death metal/deathcore band. No touring with Betraying The Martyr as they recently were signed to Summerian as Born Of Osiris is.

The Discovery is Born Of Osiris's newest album being released in 2011, and their second full length album. And a good addition in my opinion.

Vocals in this album has improved, with the screams being less gargling sounding, and a bit more raspier. Making the vocals sounds heavy, though still quite clear. And just real good in this album, a good improvement over their previous vocally.

The addition of clean vocals was quite surprising, though the way it was used was quite respectable and well used. This being seen in the song "A Solution" 30 seconds in. 

Guitar is still quite technical in this album, and the tones they have used are just great, an obviously better recorded and mixed album. The guitar uses different affects through out the album, which would make it a quite difficult album to cover. Though the guitar style has not changed so nothing really has changed besides the improvement of quality, staying true to how the band sounds. Drums still having a really good beat, techical as ever and adding some good heaviness to the album.

Overall this album is quite good, staying the way Born Of Osiris and improving in all aspects of vocals, guitar and drums.

Born Of Osiris     The Discovery-      7.5/10