Friday 2 December 2011

Born Of Osiris - The Discovery (Review)

Born Of Osiris is an American death metal/deathcore band. No touring with Betraying The Martyr as they recently were signed to Summerian as Born Of Osiris is.

The Discovery is Born Of Osiris's newest album being released in 2011, and their second full length album. And a good addition in my opinion.

Vocals in this album has improved, with the screams being less gargling sounding, and a bit more raspier. Making the vocals sounds heavy, though still quite clear. And just real good in this album, a good improvement over their previous vocally.

The addition of clean vocals was quite surprising, though the way it was used was quite respectable and well used. This being seen in the song "A Solution" 30 seconds in. 

Guitar is still quite technical in this album, and the tones they have used are just great, an obviously better recorded and mixed album. The guitar uses different affects through out the album, which would make it a quite difficult album to cover. Though the guitar style has not changed so nothing really has changed besides the improvement of quality, staying true to how the band sounds. Drums still having a really good beat, techical as ever and adding some good heaviness to the album.

Overall this album is quite good, staying the way Born Of Osiris and improving in all aspects of vocals, guitar and drums.

Born Of Osiris     The Discovery-      7.5/10


Anonymous said...

The only metal band I am listening too sometimes is A devil wears prada lol
its simply too agressive over time!
But nice Blog

Unknown said...

I'm surprised, while this has some metal riffs in it, the vocals and drums are similar to hardcore. Cool song.

Magnum said...

I don't like this kind of music - I prefer more calm rock, things more classic. I love the guitar solos here, though. The guitar sounds very fresh here, high-pitched sound and the occasional 'stuttering' effects bring something new, really.

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