Thursday 8 December 2011

The Browning - Time Will Tell (Review)

Time Will Tell is an EP released by The Browning not to long ago, around 3-4 months with one music video for the song "Time Will Tell" with 29 thousand views. So relatively not the most popular band. Though I will give kudos for their interlacing of two genres, since you can't really find a band which does techno cross metal, it's either all techno, or all metal with synth sounds.

The Browning in my opinion did a better attempt and crossing techno with metal. Though improvements should be made, and hopefully will be made, as this is an EP and reception of the EP has been alright, though of course some hate has been towards this band from this sort of metal.

Though the EP is an alright listen, it isn't to special. The writing for the guitar needs to improve, as it just feels it's improv over the techno (for some songs). Though the song "Inner Mission" is a very nice song and the guitar is really nice in that. But for their general songs, the guitar should be a bit more creative with what is being played and I guess be more technical to help compliment the techno. If the band accomplishes a good unison with the guitar and techno, the album they will hopefully release would sound great, instead of two different things happening at the same time. Though we will see till then.

Vocals in this are alright, but tend to stay at the same mid pitch and do not change much. Though partly I dislike the mixing of the vocals in the songs, doesn't really give justice to the vocals. The techno tends to be a bit dominating. All this said, the tracks are not bad, but there is room for improvement.

Creating songs like this is a sure risk with how people react to it, and a band should be respected for at least trying something different. The EP itself is okay though and is a good listen and I recommend it if you are the sort to like synth.

The Browning - Time Will Tell              6/10


Anonymous said...

I really liked this song :)

Sub Radar (Mike) said...

The mix of happy hardcore electro and metal is interesting, not sure if it has enough of either genre to keep it super interesting though. Still applaud them for breaking new ground though.

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