Friday 14 September 2012

Phinehas: Thegodmachine

Phinehas is a newer band on the scene in America. The band is considered as a "Christian Metal Band" which in all is nice to see more of, considering they tend to have some meaningful lyrics and tend to be to my tastes.

One of the most noticeable feature of this band is that they do have some metalcore influences, though not too similar to other bands, which is what I like as their style sounds in between newer bands and older bands, mainly from the style of guitar with breakdowns and solos like I'd hear from Children Of Bodom, but still have riffs like I'd hear from August Burns Red. Which I find a really nice blend giving the band a more unique sound.

With such writing the band has a nice level of technical writing but still has a nice level of feel to the writing. The song "The Wishing Well" is an especially interesting song as it helps let the the album mellow a bit with a nice clean intro and quite nice clean guitar work which is nice to see in a metal band.

One of my favourite songs on the album is "Grace Disguise by Darkness", it just has so much feeling to it, it just gives shivers, the screams have so much emotion around the 4 minute mark of the 5 minute and 38 second song. The guitar work is also fantastic in this song, the tone being quite well done for this song for and for the album it self. This would be a song I would certainly want to learn, it just has such a nice flow of heavy and technique writing, but then flows into a nice chill and meaningful break. Something I am not too used to seeing, so this is appreciated.

The album it self is well composed and well mixed with tones I am quite fond of.. The singers screams are alright for the style they are playing, not really heavy screams and not too much difference between screams, but they are broken up with decent cleans which give the songs nice variation. All in all this album is a nice listen which I have already given 48 play throughs, and will continue to,

Phinehas - Thegodmachine               7.3/10


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