Tuesday 4 October 2011

The Plot In You - First Born

"The Plot In You" is a relatively new band that has been recently signed to Rise Records and released a new album "First Born", being their second published release. The band tends to lean on topics of family and relationships, but in a way which most bands do not address, like the topics of domestic abuse and miscarriages, though maybe unsettling for some, the songs have good meaning and are unique lyrically.

The style of the writing of the songs are clearly metalcore. The screams are quite constant style wise, though cleans are used and used quite well in the album, complimenting the songs well while making the meaning of the songs a bit more clearer to understand.

One thing which is pretty ordinary in metalcore bands are the "breakdowns", though I felt the breakdown in "Small Face" was just a great, a real nice breakdown, also the "breakdown" in "Rat Poison" was not to bad either.

Guitar writing in this album is not to technical, but has a really nice tone and used well, though more melodic than technical. But this is done well, the drumming is done quite well, but nothing to out there.

The Plot In You - First Born              7.3/10


Radu said...

Nice! I like it.

Liaata said...

wow, very moving video! thanks for sharing! your blog is always worth a visit :) keep it on

Zerotix said...

Mmmmmmm. Dunno about this one. Not a huge fan of breakdowns to be honest. At least they look like average guys and not hipsters.

Mekkor said...

sounds good, I like it

TweeTmyFreaK said...

Good video!

Vocal, Guitars, Drums - all are awesome

AyJim said...

i like that picture there

vinex08 said...

gonna check out their new album..First Born. thanks man!

wolvz said...

their music sounds awesome!

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