Friday 17 February 2012

Developments Of

Sketchars,com has actually done better than I'd hoped, the site gains quite a respectable amount of traffic. Though with recent developments such as the other soon to be released website which is done on a different platform, I've ran ideas of producing a sort of Sketchars v2.0, though the name will be changed to something more related to the content of this music. The point getting at here is that this site might reach it's end, I can just leave it here and let the traffic that comes to it be, though the site won't really be updated, and with the work I am doing now on another site, it isn't being updated to frequently either.

The new version will be a re-amped metalcore/deathcore music site like this (thus v2.0), so this site would clash with it, and running two of the same sites would seem a bit odd, though I am not completely sure of dropping, also leaving the problem of what to do with the domain I still have registered.

Though I will keep the site running for another 2-5 months that's for sure, since a new site would take some time and effort to put together, though I will see how things will develop. To all the people that view this simple music blog, thanks.


Thomas Duder, Author of the Things said...

Hey hey, get yer groove on, bro! Just let us know when you make the official move and what the website is, cool?

frankcom said...

I'm looking forward to the future of the site man!

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