Friday 16 March 2012

Make Them Suffer, Signed and New Music Video

Recently Australia's Blackened Deathcore band Make Them Suffer have been signed to Roadrunner Records and now finished recording of the new album Neverbloom with Roland Lim. Make Them Suffer is becoming highly inticipated in their local scene for their release and their last live show before their release of the album coming out on the 2nd of April (2012). Once the albun is released, a review of the album will be posted.


Thomas Duder, Author of the Things said...

HELLS yes, bringin' the good shit!

Mark said...

Congrats to them for getting signed.

Michael Westside said...

The trailer was pretty good

Sloppybroom said...

This was the craziest video/trailer I have ever seen for a record company. Very cool!

Michael Westside said...

Just making a comment on your blogpost about a music video.

My first impression was that the video would be sad, blue and cold. This was all from judging the still frame preview picture.

When I later watched the video I noticed that i twas just 44 seconds and didn't contain much music at all. This led me to believe that this was actually some kind of trailer for the real music video. Which makes no sense for me.

My believes were confirmed when I actually read your text.

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