Wednesday 25 July 2012

Memphis May Fire - Challenger Album Review

Challenger is Memphis May Fire's newest release in 2012. And to start this review I will say, this is quite a decent album. Challenger was released on the 26th of June with their record label they are still with, Rise Records.The album was also well received and did very well with sales.

With interviews about the album and just listening to the lyrics of the songs, a lot of them discuss issues the singer has faced. Which involves binge drinking (Vices), a prostitute (Jezabel), and record companies (Prove Me Right).

The album is lighter than the previous albums in my opinion, in terms of the heaviness of the songs. And there seems to be more cleans than screams, though with the meaning of the songs, the message comes across really well with emotion. Of course his clean vocals have improved and also the addition of Kellin Quin and Danny Worshop on the album was a nice touch on the songs.

The songs are some what simplistic by how they are written, the guitars aren't the most technically but of course more melodic to compliment the cleans that singer are doing, so a lot of chords are done. Though when screams are done the guitars do pull a good riff to go along with it, with some difficulty to the writing of it. Though never too out of line with the previous riff and chords.

A thing I want to comment on is the song Mile Away, a song about the singer's wife. This is a great song and nicely breaks the album as this song is really mellow but full of emotion, also starring Kellin Quin just complimented the song greatly. The song has really light guitar work, nothing like the rest of the songs in the best way I have already put it, mellow.

The whole album is genuinely quite well done, the mixing is great so the singers cleans sound great and the tone of the guitars don't ruin the feel of the emotion that is given in the songs. Drumming is also decent with some complex beats. I have already given this whole album literally around 80 play throughs and I still enjoy it. So over a great album and a must listen to.

Memphis May Fire - Challenger                         8.5/10


Vague Raconteur said...

It's not personally my thing, but I better show this to my metal-loving sister for a nicer tone than the half-dubstep screaming rubbish she puts on xD

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